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Uncle Whiskey

American White Oak Aging Barrel 5L ...

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    Want an awesome conversation starter for your next home party? These aging barrels are perfect for any aging project you have in mind, plus they look great on your counter or shelf!

    -Each oak barrel includes a bung, spigot, stand, and instruction card.
    -Handcrafted American White Oak Wood Barrel | Laser Engraved
    -Black Steel Hoops | Medium Charred Interior | American Oak Aging Barrel
    -30 Day Warranty - Guaranteed to Seal

    Perfect to age your own spirits, whiskey, wine, beer, rum, tequila, honey, vinegar...or as Home Decoration!

    Optional: For custom design/logo engraving, please email your .jpg or .png to You will need to select the "engraved" option with the barrel size.