Work hard, play hard isn’t just a trendy slogan for you: it’s a way of life. Upping your game is a part of your routine: always teaching yourself new things, picking up a new hobby, looking for the little upgrades that will have a big impact. You pride yourself in doing things the right way: using the right tool for the job, investing in quality, taking care of your belongings so they’ll take care of you.

And Uncle Whiskey is all about doing things the right way. Founded in the American South by a US Army Veteran, we’ve always aspired to be exactly what our name suggests: your favorite Uncle who’s a little mischievous and always fun to be around. The dependable one who knows what he likes. And what we like is a well-made drink, a good cigar, enjoying the company of friends and family, and helping you do the same.

We know you. You’re the life of the party: the designated cocktail maker at your friends’ get-togethers, trusted with the family-favorite recipes for every barbecue. The words “barrel-aged” send a thrill up your spine. You gear up for a day hike on Sunday and suit up for the board meeting on Monday; an eye for style no matter the occasion. You’re the modern Renaissance Man (or Woman), and you’re always trying something new.

You know when something is worth the money, and that’s everything Uncle Whiskey offers. We specializes in elegant tools for upgrading your lifestyle: artisanal oak aging barrels, handcrafted wooden watches, high quality bartending tools, classy cigar accessories and more. When you buy at Uncle Whiskey, you can be confident in the quality of the product and the quality of our customer service: we’re committed to providing you the best experience possible, from browsing the site to putting your new purchase to use. We carefully curate all our offerings to ensure high quality materials, construction, and aesthetics so you get the best bang for your buck. And you’re an expert in getting the best bang for your buck. That’s why you’re here.