Any whiskey or wine connoisseur knows the difference between a quality drink and one that’s low budget. There are reasons top shelf liquor commands higher prices and one of those reasons is the time it takes to make the better brands. Jameson Irish Whiskey, for example, is barrel aged for a minimum of four years, while Canadian Crown was originally sold as a 10-year aged whiskey.

You can make your own top shelf varieties of whiskey or any kind of liquor, wine or beer by using one of our oak whiskey barrels. Our oak whiskey barrels come in a variety of sizes—and will deliver top shelf results in a matter of weeks, not years.

If you’re looking for a whiskey aging barrel, you might not have considered the many things you can do with that barrel aside age liquor, wine or beer. Foodies, chefs and hobbyists have been experimenting with barrels for years to enhance the flavor of pickles, peppers, condiments, sauces—even ice cream.